Reference for choosing Hinge 铰链选择参考数据

·Light duty hinges are specified for low frequency of use such as domestic use,internal or external or external door in dwelling.

·Medium duty hinges are specified for medium frquency of use such as the external door which grand access to public areas of dwelling,hospital consuitation rooms,school corridor ,office building corridor and storage rooms.

·Heavy duty hinges are specified for height frquency of use such as the entrance of public buildings,hospials,schools and commercial building,office stairwell,entrance of large department store or entrance of theatres.

Estimated Frequency of operation of doors 各类门估算的使用频率

  Estimated number of operations
Door situation 门的位置 Daily每天 Annually每年
High frequency use of doors 高使用量门    
Large department store entrance 大百货公司入口 5,000 1,500,000
Large office building entrance 大型办公楼入口 4,000 920,000
Cinema or theatre entrance影、剧院入口 1,300 455,000
School entrance学校入口 1,250 225,000
Entrance door of school toilet学校卫生间门 1,250 225,000
City center shop entrance市中心商店入口 1,000 300,000
Large city bank entrance大型市内银行入口 1,000 300,000
School corridor fire door学校走廊防火门 600 108,000
Town bank entrance乡镇银行入口 500 125,000
City center restaurant entrance市中心餐厅入口 500 150,000
Large corridor fire door大型走廊防火门 450 104,000
Town center shop entrance乡镇商店入口 400 120,000
Large pffice or factory toilet entrance大型办公室或工厂卫生间入口 400 90,000
Hospital ward door医院科、冀异分隔门 350 128,000
Medium frequency use of doors中使用量门    
School classroom door学校课室门 80 15,000
Office办公室 75 18,000
Scool toilet door学校厕格门 60 18,000
Dwelling rear or side entrance住宅后门或侧门 15 5,400
Dwelling rear or side entrance住宅后门或侧门 12 4,400
Low frequency use of doors底使用量门    
Dwelling living room communicating door住宅后门或侧门 30 10,800
Dwelling bathroom 1 toilet door住宅卫浴室门 20 7,200
Dwelling cupboard door住宅食橱柜门 12 4,300
Dwelling bedroom door住宅寝门 9 3,200
Dwelling wardrobe / closet door住宅衣履间门 6 2,200
Dwelling cabinet furniture door住宅家俱抽屉门 5 1,800

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