Focus on Hardware environmental protection, development trend analysis
Time:2015-06-08    Read:1421 Time
In recent years, China's rapid development, with the improvement of people's living standards and the further deepening of health awareness, so that consumers no longer blindly pursue low-cost. People in the environmental protection at the same time will also give more consideration to their own safety, more and more people in the attention of decorative hardware appearance, wear resistance, use flexibility features at the same time, pay more attention to decorative hardware is not in line with the requirements of environmental protection.
In the case of the price war has been unable to see the situation, many businesses and the focus on the service to the service. Free delivery at the same time also provides installation recommendations and design, to send technical personnel to the customer housing practical surveying and mapping, and the decorative hardware installation, after-sales problems to follow up, by improving the capability of after-sales service, and further enhance consumer awareness for decorative hardware industry.
In recent years, with the development of hot real estate market, increasing the amount of others, decorative hardware industry has been developing rapidly. However, with the surge in the number of enterprises and the gradual saturation of the market, decorative hardware industry is also facing increasingly fierce challenges. How to stand out in the fierce competition has become the key factor to restrict the development of enterprises.
With the gradual maturity of decorative hardware, various manufacturers are basically mastered the skills, so manufactured products in the technical content did not too much gap, rely on in technology win already did not adapt to the current market environment and consumer demand, manufacturers must separate footpath size, seek new development model. In the past, manufacturers will fight prices, take the route of low-cost competition.
Today, consumer consumption patterns and consumer psychology has produced a new change, low price is no longer the sole purpose of consumers. People in the protection of the environment, but also more to consider their own safety. Low price of the product will give consumers the consumer doubts, low price competition can not adapt to the development of the industry.

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