Hardware tool companies how to do electricity suppliers
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As is known to all, the traditional line of hardware market more to shop for leasing and traders to form a simple partnership. This way for hardware companies, financial pressure, simple operation. But, there are also unable to better attract brand resources enter, and the electronic commerce new way compared to the traditional way through the line agent, and a variety of hardware distributors, to hardware the pressure on enterprise funds is very large, and the need to maintain large dealers maintenance team, continuous coordination each regional distributors, to management at the same time, it brings the very big pressure.
And the rise of e-commerce, as of the end of 2013, China's e-commerce market transactions amounted to 10.2 trillion, an increase of 29.9%. Among them, B2B e-commerce market transactions amounted to 8.2 yuan, an increase of 31.2%. Online retail market transactions amounted to 1885100000000 yuan, an increase of 42.8%. The top ten provinces (municipalities) are: Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hubei Province, Fujian Province, province, Sichuan Province, Hunan Province, province. As of December 2013, e-commerce service enterprises directly employed more than 2350000 people. The number of jobs that are indirectly driven by e-commerce, has more than 16800000 people. Let hardware companies see a new business channels,
Electronic commerce has practical significance for hardware tools enterprises,
1 electronic commerce does not distinguish between regions, to break the geographical restrictions, so that the hardware business more convenient access to the end user,
2 the development of electronic commerce with the electronic payment of the week, can give enterprise capital flow to reduce the pressure.
3 business through e-commerce to reduce the sales of hardware tools, can give customers the most affordable price, enterprise management costs are also greatly reduced.
4 electronic commerce back to the majority of hardware tools enterprises a self display platform, can better shape the image of the enterprise itself.
Hardware tool enterprise net problem
The rapid development of the Internet, a variety of platforms have tread, allow enterprises to choose partners confused, most enterprises can only be well-known to judge of whether for yourself is not considered
The development of e-commerce, necessarily inseparable from the talent cultivation, the strength of the current hardware tools enterprises, set up a separate electronic commerce department cost and management difficult, more is to rely on partners, but many companies related to the network client, can do my best to help the enterprise operation is unknown.
3 the current mobile Internet development speed has gone far beyond the traditional Internet, but inside the mobile app market, there is no a professional hardware tools enterprises service app, more companies rely on micro channel and a mobile website to achieve simple propaganda, far more difficult to full display business and transactions demand. Wanglian Shangtong CEO Wang Xizhong manager proposed "the enterprise network services more by making website to receive the production costs of profit, but the enterprise more is the increase of increase in fancy electronic commerce to their own business of sales and customer, the service to satisfy the needs of enterprises, ITF Shangtong launched commercial service to help an enterprise to clinch a deal for the purpose, do not charge production costs just after the transaction commission, surly help enterprise online sales"
China hardware tools industry from the last century to today, the marketing characteristics of roughly experienced four stages, that is, product marketing, marketing standards, service marketing, brand marketing. In conclusion, there will be more hardware tool enterprise OCS test of electronic commerce.

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