Bathroom buy into a dilemma
Time:2015-06-08    Read:1306 Time
Not long ago, the group is quite popular with the bathroom and other household enterprises and consumers welcome. On the one hand, the bathroom enterprises can increase the sales of the product to do a publicity, on the other hand, consumers can buy cheap products by buy. However, with the fierce competition and participate in the increase in the number of enterprises to buy, not only to buy more low profit, and consumers to buy the product quality question sound is also growing. Nowadays, buy Bathroom in the dilemma of the state.
Too frequently, consumers buy common
Launched the "buy" the original purpose of businesses focused on resources or use of idle resources, cheap shot, in exchange for the advertisement propaganda effect, set the deadline is to let consumers feel only this time, get more benefits, and will not affect the business of normal pricing. However, with all walks of life activities of the buy more and more frequent, many consumers to buy have become commonplace, produced a kind of "aesthetic fatigue", participate in a group to buy enthusiasm reduced, to buy the trust also declined. Bathroom, a traditional industry group to buy an activity is unable to avoid this situation, many consumers treat sanitary buy tend to be more cautious, enthusiasm is lower, which makes many activities of the buy sanitary ware enterprise very embarrassed.
Small gains, the purchase of large brands of bathroom no attraction
In fact, not only is the consumer, even businesses are already struggling to fight. Sanitary Ware brands almost do not participate in group purchase activities, "a group to buy an activity in order to attract consumers, the business is bound to the price to fall too low, but big brands is a long-standing and stable prices, with very little profit space is to quality and reputation for advantage to occupy the market, it is impossible for an active casually price, so to participate do not participate in group purchase and there is not much difference."
More, in order to buy and buy is not worth
In fact many sanitary merchants for the bathroom a group to buy an activity also frequently made veiled criticisms, for a group to buy an activity, they are caught in a dilemma, don't do it it seems that this is a big trend, do it, little income, CanTuan just a taste for low price, and each event to pay for the organizers of the funds have hundreds of thousands of, is really a thankless.
At the same time, people's consumption is becoming more and more sensible. Many consumers feel after all sanitary ware to buy back can be used for a long time, just look at the price, also won't work, buy to mainly depends on the product, some buy price advantage is not obvious, do not consider to buy, some advantage is obvious and he likes to consider taking. And the majority of consumers will be more than three, the purchase is not necessarily the highest price, there are consumers in the store to buy more than the discount.

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