China is made from metal manufacturing power to manufacturing power transformation
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10 years to create a legend. China International Hardware Exhibition organized, has been through 10 years of history. For 10 years, with the rise of China's hardware industry, China International Hardware Exhibition has now jumped into the second major exhibitions of the global hardware industry.
"To promote industry progress", China National Hardware Association chairman Zhang Dongli said, the mission and focus of work, through the "fifteen" to "five eleven" for a full 10 years. In 10 years, the association with the exhibition platform continue to guide and promote the industry transformation and upgrade, accelerated the transformation from quantity growth to enhance the quality, and efforts to promote the industry to speed up the pace of hardware manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country "transformation. Today, China's International Hardware Exhibition's influence has reached the world, and become China's hardware industry and the world's important stage and window.
Promote exchange: the exhibition to cultivate large markets
Let China hardware to the world and founded a belongs to Chinese and international influence of professional hardware show, through the technology and market orientation, to promote the industry to enhance the level of development, walk the road of independent innovation, independent brand -- this is 10 years ago, China National Hardware Association a original intention and purpose of this exhibition. China Hardware Products Association executive vice director of the said.
Review of 10 years of development history, Portland stone monk infinite regrets: "in 10 years, from the development strategy to the exhibition content, we are the 'China International Hardware Show' as a product carefully nurtured. To make the show more scientific and steady development to become a world-class professional exhibition hardware, we are not seeking development bigger is better, but rather to seek development, the more the better fine. "
10 years, the China International Hardware Show, adhere to the principle of "stable scale, rich in content, raise the level, strengthen service, to create greater value", every year at a speed of more than 10000 square meters of gradually increasing, not only gradually expand the hardware product categories, category of the International Exhibition, exhibition content is becoming more and more abundant and display level and to the international professional exhibition first-class level continue to jump. 2010 China International Hardware exhibition area has reached 110000 square meters, 2300 exhibitors. Among them, there are 18 countries and regions, such as Germany, France, Britain and other countries and regions.
China International Hardware Exhibition has become an important platform for cultivating China hardware market, integrate foreign trade exchanges and cooperation.
Promote innovation: the exhibition will build the big stage
Lead industry to Gao Lirun, high value-added innovative industry development, has been the association in recent years to promote and solve the problem, Zhang Dongli said.
"Innovation is the theme of all previous China International Hardware fair." Zhang Li said, 10 years, the China International Hardware Show, adhere to the orientation of "market oriented, technology oriented", with the theme of "innovation" to build a platform, exhibit in the exhibition hall dedicated to the new display area, industry of new products, new processes, new technologies, new materials. 5 years ago, the first to set up a "Intellectual Property Office", experts and lawyers to the scene office, to avoid the production of counterfeit products, encourage enterprises to bring new products to the exhibition site. Each session of the exhibition held a new product selection awards for the winners of the award of hardware innovation products certificate. To be able to guide the industry's innovative technology and products to give strong support and promotion.
These initiatives, so that the show's "technology oriented" more prominent, more fully. Zhang Dongli said: This is a demonstration of the role of the hardware industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, more attention to new products, new materials development and utilization, more attention to the healthy development of the industry."
It can be said, now, China International Hardware Fair has become the guide industry development of the wind vane, showing the market changes in the barometer".
Promote transformation: the creation of China's hardware brand
"China International Hardware Show, for independent innovation of Chinese brand to provide a wonderful stage show, the annual session of the exhibition, we are pleased to see, the Chinese hardware enterprises independent brand consciousness is more and stronger, in the exhibition, exhibitors of independent brands and product innovation are more and more, content of science and technology is also constantly improve, new enterprises brand display area are attracted the largest audience, the most eye-catching place." Shi Senglan said.
For 10 years, the China National Hardware Association to the exhibition as a platform to guide the industry brand management, innovation and development, accelerate the transformation, the whole industry to get positive response. Especially a lot of long-term to OEM scale enterprises to independent innovation, accelerate the transformation of the independent brand production. As of 2007, the whole industry has 48 major categories of products into the Chinese famous brand list. There are 13 industry industry top 115 brands, involving tools, locks, faucets, vacuum cups, cutlery and so on. In addition, with the local government with, in the country to cultivate and named 39 national China hardware production and export base, build with specialization, close the industrial chain of industrial clusters. Exhibition industry to create the atmosphere of China's famous brands more strongly.
Shi Senglan said, "five eleven", the association will promote "independent innovation, independent brand" as the top priority of the industry transformation. Industry product structure adjustment to accelerate, the proportion of high quality products, the quality of some famous brand products to reach the world advanced level. Transformation of the road shoulder heavy responsibilities, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, China National Hardware Association will be the full implementation of the "five changes", to accelerate the transformation of the industry upgrade.

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