Analysis: hardware industry in the future development, development direction
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During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, China's hardware industry to strive to achieve a change in five aspects, i.e. from the extensive to the intensive, labor-intensive to technology intensive type, amount of expansion to qualitative improvement, low cost low price to high high added value will improve their profit margins, the export products to OEM mainly to independent brand is given priority to. " A few days ago, China National Hardware Association executive vice chairman of the company with a firm tone to the reporter said the future of the industry in the future development of the industry, the direction of development.
Monk Shi LAN stressed that in recent years, our country put forward the transformation to low carbon environmental protection industry development goals, but the specific how to turn and need to industries and enterprises with their own development present situation carries on the thorough thinking. Specific to the hardware industry, restructuring is not change, not from the current production mode steering other areas of production, at the core of the hardware industry transformation is improved, is moving from current situation of the higher level of industrial pattern.
Shi Senglan said, based on the development of domestic hardware industry status quo, the next 5 years, the association will actively work with local governments and enterprises to promote the entire industry to achieve 5 major changes:
(a) product exports to OEM based mainly to the independent brand oriented. OEM is a completely dependent on each other's industrial model, producers not only on the domestic market, the standard and to know nothing, but also very passive, once the customer has changed, enterprises will thus fall into the overall crisis. Therefore, engaged in the export of metal products manufacturing enterprises in order to obtain long-term development, we must grasp the initiative of the brand, take the road of independent brand development.
(two) from the low cost and low price to high profit margin. At present, hardware products with hood as the representative in this area for the development of the industry has brought a good start. Range hood is a hardware industry important products, Fotile, boss and SHUAIKANG under the leadership of the representative of the leading enterprises, from the technical innovation begin to participate in market competition, has not played a price war, was not only a product of the favor of the market, but also to ensure that the industry is healthy and orderly development.
(three) the development of labor-intensive industries to technology intensive industries. In the international high-end hardware products continue to enter the market of our country, is to enhance the technical content in the future market will be unable to move. In order to guide enterprises to increase the strength of research and development of high-end products, China International Hardware Fair held in Shanghai in September 2010, China National Hardware Association launched the first tap industrial design competition, aimed in order to guide enterprises to strengthen the industrial design, issued technical content and added value products.
(four) the realization of the expansion of quantity to the improvement of quality. At present, the current situation of product homogeneity, low level duplication of hardware industry has not been improved. With the increasing demand for high grade metal products, domestic brands are faced with difficulty in meeting this demand. Enterprises to occupy the high-end market, it is necessary to start from the quality improvement. Right now, enterprises have see business opportunities in the high-end market, like cooking utensils industry brand SUPOR recently in Shenyang investment 30 million yuan, build sanitary ware Industrial Park, targeting the domestic market for high-end bathroom.
(five) the transition from extensive to intensive. In the past 15 years of development, including the hardware industry, China's manufacturing industry basically take the road to the development of an extensive, at that time, the blind pursuit of digital growth of one-sided development, resulting in the malpractice of the high pollution, low level, duplication, low-grade products, high-end products lack of excess has been accompanied by the growth of business and industry. At present, many domestic enterprises engaged in the production of OEM hardware products, product quality is not bad, but due to the lack of brand and sales channels, but in the market caused by passive and in the international market frequently encountered trade friction, anti-dumping. Therefore, starting from the enhance product processing capacity, manufacturing equipment and process and other aspects, and improve the product quality, create brand and marketing channels, the implementation of intensive production, has become a priority of the benign development of the industry.
According to reports, in 2010 1 to October, the domestic hardware industry showing a recovery of the development trend, the whole industry sales increased by 27% over the same period in 2009. Among them, the gas industry has the fastest growth rate, the growth rate reached 51.7%; stainless steel products reached 40%.
According to customs statistics, the first half of 2010, the total import and export of hardware industry reached 34380000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 31.3% over the previous year. Among them, the total exports of $26396000000, an increase of 33.2%; imports totaled $7984000000, an increase of 25.1%. Domestic hardware products are exported to 223 countries and regions, the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain and Hongkong, the top 5. At present, the construction hardware as the representative of the domestic hardware products are mainly occupied by foreign brands in the high-end market.

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