Five ways to transform the development mode of China's hardware products industry
Time:2015-06-08    Read:1334 Time
Hardware products industry is a market competition and the people's livelihood is closely related to the livelihood of the industry, with small products, big market, big industry characteristics. In recent years, hardware industry has made sustained and rapid development, has become the world hardware products production powers and global hardware products production and processing center, purchase center and an important international trade center and supply more. But in terms of the industry as a whole, uneven development is still the industry to highlight the contradictions, there is a extensive mode of development, equipment, process backward, the surplus of low-grade products, high-end products lack of problems. Industry concentration is low, small, more, scattered, weak industry structure is still the focus of a period of time to adjust.
Hardware products industry changes in the development of a difficult task, summed up the need to achieve the five major changes.
1 from extensive to intensive type of change.
Changes in the original industry is small, many, weak, scattered status, improve product processing capacity, improve manufacturing equipment, technology, create brand, take a path of intensive development. Extensive to intensive transformation of the core is to enhance the product processing capacity and quality level, take the road of independent innovation, independent brand development.
2 shift from labor intensive to technology intensive.
Labor intensive industries can also introduce modern electronic information technology into the industry. Hardware of a wide variety of industries, each with its own characteristics, go technology intensive ways, increase the technological content of products, value-added, high-end market deep development to have a lot of room for growth.
3 by the amount of expansion to the quality of the upgrade.
Currently the status of industry products homogenization, low level duplication of work has yet to be improved. To achieve great power from the production to the production of power, we must overcome the low-grade products, high-end products lack of status.
4 by the low cost, low price to high added value, high profit rate to upgrade.
The price competition between peers, is the behavior of harm, cause destruction to both sides of industry. Industry to carry out technological competition, from the product itself, the content, the added value, to get the favor of the market, so as to maintain the industry's orderly, healthy ecological environment.
5 export to the OEM oriented gradually increase the proportion of independent brand change.
To further consolidate and expand the international market, increase efforts to develop the domestic market, walking on two legs, both domestic and foreign markets, parallel. OEM orders, mainly processing, delivery 3.1, the lack of the right to dominate the market and bargaining power. Therefore, we must establish the independent brand, and gradually increase the proportion of independent brand exports, and enhance the international competitiveness.

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